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Technik Museum  Speyer

The Technik Museum Speyer has it's origins in the Auto & Technik Museum Sinsheim. In the early 1990's when there were hardly any possibilities of expansion a second museum was opened on the premises of the former Pfalz-Aircraft Company in Speyer. The museum is open 365 days in a year from 9 o'clock till 18 o'clock. Nowadays the Technik Museum Speyer offers you more than 2.000 exhibits. Among them 70 aircraft and helicopters, 50 vintage cars, 40 fire trucks and many more. One of the highlights is the largest propeller-driven aircraft in the world, the Antonov 22. Also the Boeing 747 which is mounted on steel pylons is very spectacular.


In 2003 I visited the Technik Museum Speyer with my friend Mark on our way to Hungary when we did a tour to Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. In 2007 I visited the museum again, this time together with my girlfriend Angèl, but again on our way to Hungary. Nothing much changed since the first time I visited the museum. Besides the many aircraft lots of old-timer cars and old fire engines can be found here. Visit Angèls website, for more shots of this nice museum.  (Click here for an inventory list)





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