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Nationaal Oorlogs- en Verzetsmuseum  Overloon

Freedom cannot be taken for granted. That is the message of the National War and Resistance Museum in Overloon. In the museum, situated in this beautiful and wooded park, you will experience the occupation and the persecution, but also D-Day and the resistance.


You will be taken through the Battle at Overloon during the liberation of the southern Netherlands. As a visitor, you are invited to think about war and oppression. How far are you allowed to go when the issue concerns keeping and, if need be, winning back freedom?


The National War and Resistance Museum in Overloon has a very big collection of World War II equipment, including a few airplanes, and even a former NVA MiG-21. Last year this museum and the Marshall Museum became one, which resulted in even a bigger collection. I've visited the museum twice the last 3 years, and last time I took my camera with me to take some pictures of the airplanes preserved here.  (Click here for an inventory list)




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