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Nadece Letecké Historické Spolecnosti  Vyškov

Along the road 46 from Brno to Olomouc you'll find the small city of Vyškov. When passing this city you drive over a the old highway strip of Vyškov. Next to the strip the Nadece Letecké Historické Spolecnosti Vyškov is located.


This aviation museum houses a nice collection of military aircraft, helicopters, trucks, canons and documents. If you are ever in the neighborhood, don't forget the visit this museum. Normally the museum is only open from April till October, but if you contact the owner in time, you might be lucky to have a visit outside normal opening hours. If you have some time, you should have a nice chat with the owner. He has some really nice and interesting stories.


The entrance fee is approximately two euro's. If you like to take photos of the aircraft inside the museum, don't forget to mention this at the entrance. This will cost you one more euro, but it is well worth it. I visited this museum during a tour through Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic in 2003. A full report of this tour can be found here.                             (Click here for an inventory list)






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