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Museo del Aire  Cuatro Vientos, Spain

In December 1948 the first studies were done to see whether a museum could be created in de new building of the Ministry of Aviation. Finally after years of considering the Museo de Aeronáutica y Astronáutica was created on 16 June 1966. When the museum got several donations including a series of historic airplanes as the Vilanova I Sour, Spanish version of the Bleriot XI, the Heinkel  111, DC-3, Junkers-52, etc., in 1969 they had a huge problem as they didn’t  have room for these aircraft. They needed a bigger area and the aircraft needed their own building. However they still didn’t have a location where to establish the museum.


Finally in 1975 ,the airfield of Cuatro Vientos, the airfield where Spanish Aviation started, came out as the best option. On 24 May 1981 the Museo del Aire opened its doors to the public for the first time. Throughout the years the museum increased enormously and the collection of airplanes had to be parked inside several hangars and outdoors as well. Nowadays the museum has more than 100 different airplanes, a huge collection of motors, armament and uniforms.   (Click here for an inventory list)





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