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Militaire Luchtvaart Museum  Soesterberg

The history of the Military Aviation Museum goes back to the sixties. On July 3rd 1968 His Royal Highness Prince Bernhard opened the Aviation Museum, that was located in one of the hangars at the cradle of the Dutch aviation: Soesterberg Air Base.


The collection, which was quite limited at first, expanded so much by the acquisition of new objects, that soon the available space was to small. When the museum was moved to 'Kamp van Zeist' its objective was broadened as well. From then on, the museum did not just cover the Royal Netherlands Air Force, but also the Naval Air Service and the Military Aviation of the Royal Dutch-Indian Army. For this reason, the name of the museum was changed to Military Aviation Museum. On April 9th 1980 the museum opened its doors at the new location, Kamp van Zeist.


My first visit to the Military Aviation Museum in Soesterberg was in 1988. Since then I've visited the museum quite a few times. The last time I visited the museum was in 2006 during the open depot day.   (Click here for an inventory list)





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