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Internat. Luftfahrt Museum  Schwenningen, Germany

The International Aviation Museum in Schwenningen is located in the south-western part of Germany. The museum opened it's gates for the first time in 1988. At that time the museum had about 90 aircraft. Since than a lot of aircraft have been exchanged with other collectors and museums.


Nowadays the museum has about forty aircraft in it's inventory including a few airworthy ones. The museum regularly organizes special events together with the small airport of Villingen-Schwenningen.


I visited the museum together with my girlfriend Angèl in the year 2004 on our way to Switzerland. Unfortunately we had some bad luck with the weather as it had been snowing a lot. As you can see on the few pictures below all the aircraft were covered with snow.

My personal highlights of the museum were of course the F-104 Starfighter, which is almost every spotters favorite. But also the MiG-21 of the Hungarian Air Force, the Polish MiG-15 and the German Canberra were very welcome.              (Click here for a list)






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