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Hellininki Aeroporia Mousion  Dekéleía-Tatoíou

In 1986 Hellenic Air Force founded the HAF Museum Organisation Bureau. In 1988 this was incorporated into the newly formed HAF History Service, whose mission was the gradual concentration of material in order to establish an Aviation Museum in the future. In 1990 the Museum Establishment Bureau was founded as part of the HAF Public Relations Directorate, in order to continue the concentration of material and find the best possible way for the realization of the Museum. Among various solutions and after evaluating the organization charts of many other museums, both Greek and international, it was decided that it should have the form of a military unit.


On July 1992 the HAF Museum was formally established by the Supreme Air Council, positioned within the Dekéleía-Tatoíou Air Base. The museum is open on every working day, however you need permission to enter the base. To visit the museum contact the HAF Public Relations Office. I visited this nice museum in 2005 during the Archangel Airshow held at Tanágra Air Base. A report of this airshow can be found here.  (Click here for an inventory list)






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