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Flugausstellung Leo Junior  Hermeskeil

The Leo Junior Flugausstellung is situated in the Hochwald area, and opened it gates for the first time in 1973. At the gate of the museum you'll find a full scale mock up of the famous Concorde which houses a restaurant with 150 seats. The museum is open daily from April till November. In 1988 I visited the museum in Hermeskeil for the first time. At that time East and West Germany were still separated, so there were hardly any East European aircraft preserved in the museum. When I visited the museum ten years later a lot had changed. Lots of former NVA aircraft were added to the museum.


The pictures  you'll find below are taken during a very wet day in 2007 when me and my girlfriend Angèl visited the museum. Again lots of things had changed since the last time I was here. Many of the former NVA aircraft where unfortunately repainted. The many British aircraft which were added to the museum a few years ago which made the museum complete. Nowadays some hundred aircraft and sixty jet engines can be found here. So its really worth visiting.  (Click here for an inventory list)





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