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Muzeum Wojska Polskiego  Warszawa

The Muzeum Wojska Polskiego (Museum of Polish Army) is a museum in Warszawa documenting the military aspects of the history of Poland. Created in 1920, it occupies a wing of the building of the Polish National Museum as well as several branches in Poland. It's Warszawa's second largest museum and the largest collection of military objects in Poland. The collection illustrates a thousand years of Polish military history, from the 10th century to WW II.


The forecourt of the museum houses several dozen armored vehicles, artillery pieces and aircraft, an eclectic mix of Soviet, Western and Polish equipment , mostly from the WW II era. The indoor galleries concentrate on the military history of Poland and are particularly strong on Poland's era of military greatness in the 17th century. Several rooms are devoted to Poland's part in the Napoleonic Wars and the national uprisings. By far the largest part of the exhibition space is devoted to the 20th century, especially WW II. During our visit we mainly focused on the aviation part of the museum. Some of the highlights were certainly the MiG-21, MiG-29, Su-22 and WW II fighters. (Click here for an inventory list)






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