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Muzeum Katynski  Warszawa

The Muzeum Katynski was opened in 1993 by initiative of the Polish Army and the communities related to the Katyn families. The museum houses in the dungeons of the nineteenth century Russian Fort IX. Inside the museum buildings you will find numerous documents and more than 15.000 photographs related to the massacre in Katyn, Kharkov and Miednoje where more than 5.000 Polish POW's were murdered by Soviet troops.


Fort IX was build by the Russians in 1883 on a small hill in the city of Warszawa. In 1939, during the defense of Warszawa the fort was the site of a heroic defense by Polish soldiers. The defense lasted until September 25th when the fort was occupied by the Germans. Due to the danger of collapse the inner part of Fort IX was closed for public in March 2009. The museum garden is still open for public without entrance fee.


In the museum garden you'll find numerous aircraft,  helicopters, vehicles, tanks and artillery of the Cold War era. Some of the highlights are the Il-28, MiG-23 and the nice line ups of Fitters and Fishbeds.  (Click here for an inventory list)






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