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Chinese Navy ships visit Antwerpen,  17 Sept. 2017

On April 1st three Chinese Naval ships left Zhoushan Naval Port for the Gulf of Aden and the waters near the Somali coast. These ships are part of the 26th Chinese Naval Escort Taskforce. The taskforce consist of two Type 054A Jaingkai II class frigates and one Type 903 Fuchi class replenishment ship.


The replenishment ship PLANS Gaoyouhu AOR-966 had no helicopters on board, but the two frigates both had a Harbin Z-9C Haitun on board. This type of helicopter is a copy of the French build SA.365 Dauphin. PLANS Huanggang FFG-577 had on board the 9686 with c/n Z9-0186, PLANS Yangzhou FFG-578 had on board the 9826 with c/n Z9-0358.


The ships arrived in Antwerpen on Thursday September 14th where they were positioned along the Amerikadok. On Sunday the 17th all three ships were open for public as part of the Vlaamse Havendagen (Flemish Habor Days). Luckily both helicopters were pulled outside this morning, so were able to take some shots of both helicopters in sunny conditions.



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