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Sanicole Airshow from Kleine Brogel,  10 Sept. 2017

This year the 40th Sanicole Airshow was held near Hechtel, Belgium. For many years this airshow is supported by the Belgian Air Component, as Kleine Brogel Airbase is used for many of the participating aircraft. I've visited Sanicole Airshow once, in 1998, but this was very disappointing as you are facing the sun all day long. Since then, I've visited Kleine Brogel several times, when base supported Sanicole Airshow again.


As this was the 40th edition of the airshow a lot of nice participants were expected. A good reason to visit Kleine Brogel to see the aircraft take off and land after their display. Some nice fighter displays were schedueled; two F-18 displays (from Switzerland  and Finland), three F-16 displays (from Belgium, Greece and Turkey), a Swedish Gripen display, a French Rafale display and a Polish MiG-29 Display.


Six different demonstration teams participated, including the Saudi Hawks, the absolute highlights of this years edition. This team operates seven Hawk Mk.65s belonging to the Royal Saudi Air Force.



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