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35 Years NATO E-3A Geilenkirchen,  30/6 & 3/7 2017

This year the NATO E-3A Component at Geilenkirchen AB celebrated its 35th anniversary. The build-up began in early 1980, with the first aircraft arriving two years later. The component of officially activated on June 28th 1982. To celebrate the 35 years of NATO E-3A an openday was organized during the first weekend of July.


On the day prior the event a spottersday was organized, but we decided to stay outside for the arrivals. Highlights of this day were the Hellenic F-4 Phantoms, the Polish Navy M-28 and the US Navy P-8 Poseidon.


We didn't visit the event itself, but decided to give it another try during the departure day. This was a good call as almost all participants departed in excellent weather conditions during the hours we stayed along the fence. The biggest highlight of the event was the E-550A of the Italian Air Force which made its public debut. The day ended with the nice departure of the US Army Apache and Chinook.



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