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NATO Meeting Brussels & Florennes,  25 May 2017

On this day a big NATO Meeting was planned in Brussels, so a lot of nice aircraft were expected to bring the Heads of State of the NATO members to Brussels-Zaventem Airport. In the early morning we drove towards the airport to see the aircraft arrive. The highlights, both VC-25As of the USAF were already there.


In the afternoon we drove to Florennes AB were some fighters were parked at the former TLP-ramp. After an hour these aircraft took off to participate in a fly past over Brussels to celebrate the opening of the new NATO Headquarter building. Unfortunately the light conditions were pretty hard as the sun was on the tail during landing.


When all aircraft were back on the ground at Florennes, we decided to go back to Brussels, hoping to see the departure of the VC-25A "Air Force One" with President Donald Trump. We had to guess the departure runway, but luckily we guessed it right. Around nine o'clock in the evening both VC-25As departed from runway 07L in beautiful evening light.



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