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Belgian Helidays  Beauvechain,  11 April 2017

For many years the Belgian Helidays were held at Li├Ęge-Bierset AB, which was a great event to visit. Once the military part of the base was closed the Helidays disappeared from the airshow calendar. This year the Belgian Helidays are back, although it is on a much smaller scale than we used to know.


On the day prior the event a spottersday was organized which gave us the opportunity to take photo's of the participating helicopters arriving for the show. The French Fennec was the first one to arrive, which was followed by a small display of a USAR Apache together with Belgian A-109's and NH90's. The other display we saw today was the search and rescue demo of the Alouette III of the Austrian Air Force. The real highlight of the day was the arrival of the Sea King Mk.41 of the German Navy.


The 'Alien Tiger' Hind of the Czech Air Force was the last helicopter that arrived in the early evening. As the day came to a close we were treated with a beautiful sunset, which made it possible to take some very nice sunset shots.



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