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Frisian Flag  Leeuwarden AB,  27 March 2017

For two weeks the annual international exercise Frisian Flag was held at Leeuwarden AB. Twice a day 40/50 fighters took off to take part in the exercise, which trains the pilots and ground crews in a realistic war scenario suchs as Libya, Afghanistan and Syria. A very large training area was established north of the Netherlands in both Dutch, German and Danish airspace. Fighter control was done by Dutch CRC (Control and Reporting Center) "Bandbox", German CRC's "Redhawk" and "Sunrise", and  NATO E-3 AWACS.


Just like the last two years the USAF ANG participated in the exercise with F-15 Eagles of two different ANG-units, part of the TSP Europe. Six Eagles of the 125 FW based at Jacksonville ANGB, Florida, and six Eagles of the 159 FW based at NASJRB New Orleans, Louisiana arrived in the week prior the exercise. Other participants were; FAF Mirage 2000D's, RAF Tornado's, GAF EF2000's and F-16's from BAC, PAF and RNLAF.


Plans for postponing the exercise in the coming two years were changed as RNLAF pilots do need the training when the F-35's are slowly entering service from 2018.



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