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Italian Tornado's arriving at Nörvenich,  13 Mar. 2017

On a nice sunny day in March no less than nine Italian Tornado's were expected to arrive at Nörvenich AB, Germany. When we arrived in the morning the first two German EF2000's were already airborne. These were the only two locals to fly that day, which was a little disappointing. The main goal for our visit was of course the arrival of the Italians. During the morning and early afternoon a total of seven Tornado's arrived. Two more arrived in the late afternoon, but we didn't have time to wait for them.


Six of the Tornado's were ECR's (Electric Combat/Reconnaissance, a Tornado variant devoted to SEAD (Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses)-missions. The Italian ECR's were delivered as IDS versions, but later upgraded to ECR-standard. Not long ago the ECR's belonged to the 50th Stormo based at Piacenza-San Damiano Air Base. With the disbanding of the 50th Stormo, the ECR's transferred to Ghedi Air Base, which became the sole Tornado airbase of the Italian Air Force. All Tornado's belong to the 6th Stormo, which consists of two IDS Gruppo's (102 Gr and 154 Gr), and one ECR Gruppo, the 155 Gr.



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