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Miscellaneous Photographs Eindhoven Airbase 2016

Since January 2007 I was stationed at the most versatile airbase within the Royal Netherlands Air Force, Eindhoven AB. As part of the Air Traffic Control team at Eindhoven I was able to position myself at the most beautiful places all over the air base to take photo's of the local and visiting aircraft. Unfortunately, after spending more than nine years at Eindhoven I had to make a career change in order to keep my job in the air force. Since mid 2016 I'm working at the Air Operation Control Station Nieuw Milligen, better known as 'Dutch Mil'. Although it is still a great job within Air Traffic Control, I don't see any aircraft when I look outside the windows. Luckily I'm able to maintain my licence at Eindhoven AB, so I will be visiting this airbase once a week. Not only to do the job I love most, but also to see some real aircraft.


In the first months of 2016 I was able to take some shots of the aircraft that visited Eindhoven. Besides the Austrian AF C-130 and Finnish C-295, which are not often seen in the Netherlands the real highlight was definitely the Il-76 of the Royal Jordanian Air Force. The EART exercise was also a great highlight, with three different French C-135's visiting Eindhoven in only one week.



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