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Market Garden Eindhoven,   17 September 2016

This year it is 72 years ago Operation Market Garden took place. Since a few years the commemoration of this historical event is preceded by the international exercise 'Falcon Leap'. In the days prior the Market Garden droppings the participating aircraft take part in this para drop exercise, in which hundreds op paratroppers are dropped over the Ginkelse Heide and Houtdorperveld.


Although it is always nice to see some extra movements, this years edition didn't see any shocking participants; a civil C-47 Dakota, two Transalls from Germany, one Polish C-295 and a total of five C-130's from Belgium, Netherlands, UK and USA. In the early morning the light conditions were great, but during take off it became more cloudy. The weather over the dropzone at the Ginkelse Heide was even worse, as many aircraft came back without dropping any paratropper.


While waiting for the aircraft to return, me and my kids visited the red/white/blue C-160 Transall which was stored in the shelter area. This one arrived last month and is to be preserved near the new EATC building. 



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