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Decisive North / Cold Igloo Volkel AB,   Sept/Oct 2016

In the months September and October of this year two STRIKE / X-servicing exercises were held at Volkel AB. During week 38, Exercise Decisive North was held in which F-15E Strike Eagles from RAF Lakenheath and AMI Tornado's from Ghedi participated. Unfortunately only two flying days were planned during this week. I was able to take some shots of the Strike Eagles during their arrival. I was unable to attent one of the flying days as I had to work both days.


Four weeks later a bigger exercise, called Cold Igloo was held at both Volkel AB and Kleine Brogel AB. Again USAF F-15E Strike Eagles and Italian Tornado's flew missions from Volkel. And during the first week also three F-16's from Araxos participated from Volkel AB. Three German Tornado's and six Polish F-16's participated in the exercise from Kleine Brogel AB. In addition to the aircraft mentioned above the USAF also flew a few global air power missions with both B-1B's and B-52H's. Unfortunately these bombers only crossed Dutch airspace at high level. During the day I visited Volkel AB only one Italian Tornado and one F-15E flew.



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