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Musée Européen de l'Aviation de Chasse,  Montélimar

Situated close to the city Montélimar, and next to the small airport Ancône you will find the Musée Européen de l'Aviation de Chasse. The museum was founded in 1987 as a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of French and other European aircraft for future generations. It is run by an enthusiastic group of voluteers and is now home to a unique collection of fighter aircraft in South-Eastern France.


A total of 60 aircraft including, trainers, bombers, transports and fighters can be found here. Inside one of the halls you can find three different versions of the Mirage III which all belonged to the Swiss Air Force. Outside you see a nice variety of French and foreign aircraft like the Mirages, Jaguar, Crusader and a few different MiG-types.


For me the real highlight is the A-4 Skyhawk of the Singapore Air Force. When I visited the museum in the summer of 2016 with my kids the A-4 was parked inside a closed hall. Luckily my request to take some shots inside this hall was granted, but the light conditions were trerribe.   (Click here for an inventory list) 



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