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AMI EF2000's visiting Volkel AB,   19 May 2016

On regular basis Typhoons of the Aeronautica Militare Italiana visit Dutch airbases. This time four EF2000's from the Italian airbase Grosseto visited Volkel AB to train with the local F-16's. The EF2000's of 9 Gruppo and 20 Gruppo are assigned to the 904 Gruppo Efficienza Aeromobili, which makes them available to the both Gruppi. The 904 GEA belongs to the 4 Stormo, the Grosseto wing.


When I arrived at Volkel all four EF2000's were already parked at the cross-servicing line. Unfortunately the sun was hidded behind the clouds and the afternoon mission was delayed so I only took a few shots of the aircraft parked at the line.


Later that afternoon I returned to Volkel to take pictures of the startup sequence. For the take off I found myself a spot along the parallel runway which was in use this afternoon. Unfortunately two of the four EF2000's experienced a ground about, so only two aircraft went airborne. As the light was getting worse I decided not to wait for the recovery.



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