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Safaripark visit PAF F-16's  Volkel AB,   13 April 2016

The Royal Netherlands Air Force purchased at total of 213 F-16's which were delivered between 1979 and 1992. Of these only 138 aircraft received the Mid-Life Update, all other F-16's were withdrawn from use. From 2003 the Dutch government has been further reducing the F-16-fleet dramatically. Only 108 aircraft remained operational and the others went to PAF (Project Disposal F-16). Nowadays the RNLAF has only 68 operational airframes left in service. Of the 70 other MLU F-16's 11 were sold to Jordan and 36 were sold to Chile.


The Spotting Group Volkel organized a visit to Volkel AB for 200 aviations enthusiasts to take photo's at the Safaripark flightline of a large number of non-operational F-16's. I was asked to take shots in the early morning when all F-16's were towed to the flightline. Eventually a total of nineteen F-16's were parked at the Safaripark; two operational airframes, four instructional airframes and 13 F-16's belonging to the PAF. In the future the PAF F-16's will be sold to an yet unknown customer, with the RJAF being the most likely candidate.  (Click for a full log)



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