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BAF Sunset Photo Shoot Beauvechain,   5 April 2016

This year the Belgian Air Force celebrates its 70th anniversary. To celebrate this together with a select group of 400 aviation photographers the Belgian Air Force organized a unique event: The BAF Sunset Photo Shoot held at Beauvechain AB. During the event the photographers were given the opportunity to take shots of various aircraft and helicopters of the Belgian Air Force, during both sunset and night time conditions.


The gates opened at 17:30h, but due to the tight security measures many people entered the base after sunset. Despite that we have a lot understanding for this action, as you don't want to take any risk after the Brussels bombings two weeks ago.


We entered the base around seven o'clock in the evening and were able to take some nice shots of the aircraft in nice sunny weather. One of the highlights of the evening was the start up of the Koksijde based NH90-NFH which resulted in some exceptional photo opportunities. Later that evening it was possible to take some night shots of the aircraft and helicopters.  (Click for a log)


A big thanks goes out to the Belgian Air Force and Jozef van den Broeck and this team.



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