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Miscellaneous Photographs Eindhoven Airbase 2015

Another great year for Eindhoven has gone by. In April the EART exercise was held again. And in September we saw another Market Garden commemoration at Eindhoven. These event both have their own reports on this website, so have a look for more shots. The EATC also brought some very nice visitors to Eindhoven again, French CN-235's, TBM-700's, Italian P.180's, German Transalls and BJ-700's and Spanish Ce-560's.


In September of this year a NOTAM was published, which meant the end of practice approaches of foreign and non-based aircraft. This decision was made by the base commander in order to reduce to noise in the village Wintelre, close to the airbase. Although this resulted in a lot less visiting aircraft, we still saw some very nice visitors. Thoughout the year I was able to take a lot of night shots, which can also be found here.


The U.S. visited us with various nice and rare aircraft. The Army with a C-12F, C-37B and a very rare Beech 300. The Air Force visited us with a KC-10 Extender and a C-17A during Market Garden. And the Marine Corps brought a nice C-9B Skytrain II.


This year we were also visited by two QRA F-16's which brought home a KDC-10 which took part in a hijack exercise taking place at Eindhoven. In early May we saw the last 'military' aircraft leaving the paintshop at Aviation Cosmetics, a BN-2 Islander of the Danish Air Force Home Guard. The A400M of the German Air Force made its debut at Eindhoven in August. We will surely see more of these nice birds in the coming years. In November we saw two Norwegian F-16's which made a fuel stop at Eindhoven. Normally they use Volkel AB for their fuel stops, but this base was closed due to nightflying activities. I also missed a few nice visitors this year at Eindhoven, but this is inevitable. But I really felt sick when I had to miss the four Italian MB.339's in October. Anyway, here is a selection of the aircraft and helicopters I did see at Eindhoven this year. See you all next year!




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