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Belgian Air Cadets at Weelde,  12 August 2015

This year we visited the Belgian Air Cadets during their summer camp at Weelde again. Just like our visit in 2010 and 2011 we were able enter the base to take some nice photographs of the gliders operating from the glider strip. A total of nine gliders were temporary based at Weelde for this years summer camp. Two were parked in the hangar when we arrived, a Glaser-Dirks DG-300 and a Grob G.102, both single seaters.


At the glider strip seven gliders could be found of which five were constantly performing short flights of 5-10 minutes. Two of them were Glaser-Dirks DG.505's and the other five were Grob G.103's. During our 90-minute visit we were able to capture the operations from various locations. Again a very nice experience.


Unfortunately as of early 2015 all gliders of the Belgian Air Cadets received a civilian registration, in order to cope with EASA regulations and to provide an easier way to maintain and operate the fleet. The civil registration is worn on the gliders as well as their military registration.   (Click here for a log)






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