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National Museum of Military History,  Sofia

The first ideas of estabishing a  museum about military history arose in 1914. Two years later, by order of the Commander in Chief of the Operative Army, Bulgaria started to preserve various museum collections. It lasted until 1937 when finally the first exhibition of the Main Military Museum opened in a rented building provided by the Sofia Officer's Assembly.


In 1949 the Museum was renamed as Central Museum of the People's Army. And one year later the museum moved to a new location in Sofia. The Naval Museum in Varna becomes its affiliate in 1956. In 1968, with a decree of the Council of Ministers of National Republic of Bulgaria, the museum was given the status of national institution and changed its name to National Museum of Military History.


In 2005 the Bulgarian Museum of Aviation in Plovdiv-Krumovo became its affiliate, which resulted in a bigger collection of military aircraft in the museum garden, like various types of the MiG-21 and MiG-23.   (Click here for an inventory list)





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