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Frisian Flag Leeuwarden AB,  17 April 2015

In April the exercise Frisian Flag was held at Leeuwarden AB again. Just like previous years the mail goal during the exercise is to enhance interoperability between the various NATO air forces, in both air-to-air missions, as well as air-to-ground missions. This years edition saw four different aircraft types participating in the exercise; EF2000's of the German Air Force, F-16's operated by the Polish- and Royal Netherlands Air Force, F-18's from both Finland and Spain, and last but not least F-15's from two different ANG-units of the USAF.


In early April the second Theater Security Package Europe arrived at Leeuwarden AB consisting of twelve F-15 Eagles, which marked the beginning of their six-month deployment to Europe. The 125th Fighter Wing of the Florida ANG, Jacksonville, FL, leads this TSP to deploy in support of Operation Atlantic Resolve. Together with the six Eagles of the 142nd FW of the Oregon ANG, Portland, OR, they make up the 159th Expeditionary Fighter Squadron. During the first two weeks, the Eagles flew various local missions outside the Frisian Flag exercise. With the exercise began on April 13th, they joined the rest of the participants.  (Click for a full log)




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