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EART Exercise Eindhoven AB13-24 April 2015


The European Air-to-Air Refuelling Training (EART) was held at Eindhoven AB this year for the second time. The training took place over the North Sea as well as over parts of the Netherlands, Denmark and Northern Germany. The training is linked with Exercise Frisian Flag 2015 held at Leeuwarden AB.


The general purpose of the training is to create a realistic training environment to exchange information and practice among tanker- and jetcrews as well as to enable certification processes between tanker and receiver aircraft. Training concepts are created and conducted by the EATC, the training itself is executed by the host nation, the Netherlands.


On April 10th, the first particapant arrived at Eindhoven AB, the French Air Force C-135FR from Istres-Le Tubé. During the first week the German A310MRTT experienced an in flight emergency as the hose of the refuelling system didn't fully retract due to an electrical malfunction. The aircraft was forced to land and drag the hose over the runway.


The repair of the German A310MRTT took longer than expected, but eventually it was ready for it's next mission five days later. During this second week, the fourth participant joined the exercise, an Italian KC-767 from Pratica di Mare.




 EART 2015 - Daily Ops



EART 2015 - Night shoot



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