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AAR Sara Track - Polish Airspace,   30 January 2015

This day we had the opportunity to join a RNLAF KDC-10 tanker for an air-to-air refueling flight in the Sara Track. Take off was planned around 8:45z, but due to some snow leftovers on the aircraft, runway and taxi tracks we departed half an hour late.


Around 10:30z we entered the Sara Track over Central Poland and only a few minutes later two F-16's of the QRA at Łask AB joined us for 3.000 LBS fuel. These were followed by a few other two ships, a three ship and a nice four ship formation. Including these flights were '4054' wearing a new blue camouflage scheme. And '4055' wearing a nice tiger tail, both from Poznań-Krzesziny AB. In total we had twenty Polish receivers in two hours.


On our way back we had we quick look at the boom operators position in the front of the aircraft. They showed us some tapes of the refueling which gave us a good impression of their job. Just before we landed we were intercepted by two Belgian QRA F-16's from Florennes AB, but unfortunately the sun was on the wrong site of the aircraft. Ten minutes later we landed safely.





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