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 Miscellaneous Photographs Eindhoven Airbase 2014

The year 2014 saw some very nice and rare visitors, but unfortunately the reason was a very sad one. In the months July, August and September we saw no less than six different C-17's and a Airbus A330MRTT of the Royal Australian Air Force. All in support of operation "Bring them home", to fly back the victims of Malaysian Airlines B777 MH17 which was shot down over Ukrainian territory. May they all rest in peace.


The year started nicely with a Lithuanian L-410 which visited us in March. Surprisingly it was the "02" that landed, which had been in storage for several years. The European Air Transport Command which is based at Eindhoven also brought some nice visitors to Eindhoven. Italian P.180's, German Transalls, Spanish Ce-560's and French Airbusses.


Exercise EART was held at Eindhoven of the first time. A tanker exercise in support of Frisian Flag held at Leeuwarden. During the first week a German A310 and a RNLAF KDC-10 participated in the exercise, followed by a Italian KC-767 one week later.

On April 11th we said farewell to the RNLAF's DC-10, which took off from Eindhoven for the last time. After one last fly-by it set course to the UK where it was dismantled and scrapped. In May we welcomed the BoBMF Lancaster for a fuel stop prior some fly-by's over some WWII memorials. One month later, the Dutch airline Arkefly welcomed their first Boeing 787 Dreamliner, the first one registered in the Netherlands. To celebrate this, the aircraft performed fly-by's at various airports in the Netherlands.


We also finally welcomed the first operational Airbus A400M at Eindhoven this year. The French example did a touch and go at Eindhoven in September. This has been one of the busiest months for Eindhoven Airbase to past years due to the Market Garden Commemoration. This year we celebrated the 70th anniversary of Market Garden which resulted in a bigger event than normally. A full report on this event can be found here. This year ended with the visit of two RAF Hawks which both participated in a CAS exercise at De Peel. Unfortunately the weather didn't cooperate during this week, so they only flew once.




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