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Belgian Air Force Days Kleine Brogel13 Sept. 2014

This year the Belgian Air Forces Days were held at Kleine Brogel AB again. This base is known for it fabulous photo opportunities for both static as air display. The weather forecast was good this day, but when we arrived at Kleine Brogel a thin cloud layer covered the base. Due to these low clouds two highlights had to cancel their display; the Slovak MiG-29 and the Hellenic F-16 Zeus team.


When the weather got a little better the show really started with the Joint Power Demo of the Belgian Forces. This display was very disappointing. It lasted too long, with very long silences during the display. In the early afternoon the sun finally showed itself, so we decided to walk down the static display, and take shots of the air display from various locations along the parallel taxiway. The Polish and Slovak Fulcrums were some of the highlights of the static, together with the rare Norwegian P-3 Orion. The airshow also saw some nice highlights, despite the few cancelations. A replica of the Blériot XI flew in formation with a F-16, but unfortunately it was impossible to capture them in one shot. Other highlights were the French Rafale, Ramex Delta and the UAE display team Al Fursan.   (Click here for a full log)



 Static Display


Flying Display




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