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At the fence of Cerklje ob Krki,   23 July 2014

During our holiday in Slovenia we took the opportunity to spot some aircraft at Cerklje ob Krki. This is the main base of the Slovenian Air Force, and is located only a few kilometers from our camp site near BreĹžice.


In the early morning we already heard the first aircraft and helicopters taking off. When we arrived two hours later a lot of flying activity was in progress. Three PC-9 trainers made two flights, of which one did some aerobatics overhead the airfield. Two Bell 206 helicopters were doing practice approaches on the heli pad. Unfortunately the sun was in a bad position to take shots of the helicopters. But we were very happy to see two Zlin 242's coming in for landing. These birds are rarely seen outside Slovenia. All shots were taken along the fence, outside the airbase.


A few days earlier we already visited Ljubljana-Brnik Airport on our way to Croatia. Here we saw several Slovenian Air Force helicopters, a PC-6 and some Policja helicopters. The last five shots were taken along the fence of this civil airport.





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