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Miscellaneous Photographs Eindhoven Airbase 2013

Besides the regular visitors from the other RNLAF bases, the training flights from Geilenkirchen and Melsbroek, I was also able to take some shots of the EATC visitors. Early in the year when the base was still partly covered with snow we had a meeting at Eindhoven which saw some nice visitors, like the Italian P.180, Norwegian Falcon 20 and BAe-125 of the RAF.


This year I was also in the position the do some night shoots again. In early January I took some shots of a German A-310 and a HAW C-17A. Later followed by a night shoot of the Jordanian C-130 together with a An-12. In late November I was able to take some night shots of the Lithuanian L-410. I also took night shots during the Market Garden 2013, a full report can be found here.


The year ended with some nice British visitors. The Royal Navy made a weekend stop to show off their new Avengers, which replaced the old Jetstreams. In December we also saw two RAF Hawks which operated for Eindhoven for a week during a CAS exercise at De Peel.





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