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Polish AF - 23 BLT Mińsk-Mazowiecki23 August 2013

The of the Polish Air Force bases that was on our wish list for very long was 23 BLT Mińsk-Mazowiecki. This base houses the 1. Eskadra Lotnictwa Taktycznego (1 ELT) operating the MiG-29 Fulcrum and the 2. Grupa Poszukiwawczo Ratownicza (2 GPR) operating the W-3 and Mi-2 helicopters in the SAR role.


As we were in the Warszawa region for the International Airshow at Radom-Sadkow we tried to arrange a base visit at 23 BLT Mińsk-Mazowiecki on the day prior the airshow. Only a few days before we left for Poland we got the approval by the Polish Air Force Headquarters.


This day was probably one of the best days to visit 23 BLT Mińsk-Mazowiecki as a lot of Polish aircraft were stationed at this base to take part in the Polish Air Force defile over Radom-Sadkow. Below you'll find two links to many shots taken during our visit as well as historical information on the Polish AF MiG-29 Fulcrums and the 23rd Tactical Aircraft Base (23 BLT). Many thanks goes out to Lt.Col. Golawski and his staff of the Polish AF HQ PAO.



Historical Information

Polish AF MiG-29 Fulcrums


Historical Information

23rd Tactical Aircraft Base





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