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Nemzetközi Repülőnap - Static Display

The static display at Kecskemét Airshow 2013 was very disappointing, and below European standards. Helicopters were parked everywhere with lots of people walking around. Many interesting transport aircraft were parked at the flightlines far away from the public area's where these aircraft had easily been parked at the gaps in the static display.


Huge tents and stands were placed close to some of the aircraft parked at the static display. This made it almost impossible to take a decent shot of the aircraft. Some of these tents were even placed in front of some of the highlights of the static display.


The highlights of this years static display were certainly the three Sukhoi types. The Su-22 Fitter of the Polish Air Force, a Su-27 Flanker of the Ukrainian Air Force and a Su-25 Frogfoot of the Bulgarian Air Force.  The Frogfoot is rarely seen outside Bulgaria, the last European country flying with this type of aircraft. Unfortunately it was very hard to take a decent shot of this last jet, due to the large tents placed in front of it.



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