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Nemzetközi Repülőnap - Russian Knights

For many people the highlights of the Kecskemét Airshow 2013 were the Russian Knights flying with five Su-27 Flankers. As the aircraft were parked in front of the crowd line we first took the opportunity to take some nice shots of these mighty jets while parked at the flightline. The roar of the crowd when the Flankers started taxing gave a good impression of the popularity of this Russian display team. After departure the jets joined up forming a five-ship formation. Although formation flying isn't easy with such big fighters the team gave a very nice performance with some very good tight formations.


After a split up the team continued as a four-ship and a single-ship. In close formation the four-ship did some very tight turns and loops, which were followed by another split up into two two-ships. The synchro pair performed some very spectacular high speed opposite passes, while the solo display did some nice burner turns. The display ended with a spectacular break of the four-ship popping dozens of flares. The low position of the sun gave us a nice photo opportunity during both display and landing.



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