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Nemzetközi Repülőnap - Foreign Air Forces

In the early morning we positioned ourselves on the press grandstand on the east side of the airbase. Unfortunately the light conditions on the runway aren't very good in the morning, but when aircraft are taxing out from the centre flightline we were able to take some very nice shots.


To have a better view on the air display in the afternoon we decided to find ourselves a nice spot near display centre. We found a nice spot in between the Hungarian public which gave us a nice view on the air display as well as the parallel taxiway. We were just in time for one of the highlights of the afternoon, the MiG-21 Lancer of the Romanian Air Force which gave a nice display with some nice high speeds passes.


The next jet display was the Dutch pride, the Orange Lion F-16AM of the Royal Netherlands Air Force. Display pilot 'Stitch' gave another great performance with many tight turns and lots of flares. Another highlight was the display of the two Polish Air Force Su-22 Fitters. We were able to take some very nice taxi shots.


As the temperatures kept rising during the afternoon we had to find ourselves a spot in the shadow for a while. From this position we witnessed the displays of the Turkish Stars and Frecce Tricolori. For the demonstrations of the Croatian display team Wings of Storm, the Belgian F-16 display team and the Czech Air Force Mi24 Hind we walked to the public show ground into the sun again.



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