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Nemzetközi Repülőnap - Hungarian Air Force

The airshow started with the first Hungarian Air Force airpower display. A total of five JAS-39 Gripens took off from Kecskemét and made some passes over the airbase including lots of flares. This was followed by an An-26 escorted by two Gripens and a single flypast by two Yak-52s and a single Mi-17.


The second airpower display of the Hungarian Air Force halfway the day began again with the departure of several JAS-39 Gripens. They performed a low level CAS which made the path clear for the arriving C-17A of the Heavy Airlift Wing stationed at Pápa Airbase. The airpower display ended with some nice passes of the beautiful painted Mi-17 Hip.


Although the Hungarian Air Force was celebrating its 75th anniversary the number of Hungarian aircraft was a little disappointing. The airshow saw only one Hungarian Air Force solo display, the JAS-39 Gripen which gave a very nice display with flares, top shots and tight turns. But for such a nice birthday party you might expect some more Hungarian displays.



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