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Three seasons at Ramstein Airbase

In 2012 I visited Ramstein Airbase in three different seasons. The first visit of the year was in the spring on May 26. On this Saturday Mike, Niels and I started the day at 5 o'clock in the morning. On our way to Ramstein AB, we made a quick stop at Spangdahlem AB, but nothing was noted here.


Around nine o'clock we arrived at Ramstein AB where we found ourselves a nice spot in the western landing area. The weather was perfect, and flying activity wasn't bad either. We stayed on this same spot until five o'clock in the afternoon. We drove to the other side of the airfield to read the serials of the local C-130s and afterwards we drove towards Landstuhl AAF to catch some Blackhawks.


At Landstuhl AAF we had to find ourselves a nice spot to read the Blackhawks. In the middle of the forest we found this spot and read a total of six UH-60s. On our way back home we stopped at Spangdahlem AB again which resulted in a nice score of one Galaxy and three C-17s.



The second visit of the year was in the middle of the summer, on August 1st. On this hot day my friend Mark an I had plans to visit Spangdahlem AB to catch some flying A-10s and F-16s. We arrived at Spangdahlem AB around eight o'clock in the morning where we saw two Globemasters parked at the apron. As nothing much happened here the next hour we decided to drive to Ramstein AB instead. When we arrived here we found ourselves a nice spot in the western landing area again, but to our big surprise we were the only ones here. Despite the wind was coming from an easterly direction they flew from the other side, which made us decide to drive to the other side as well. This was a bad decision, when we arrived on the other side, they changed runway, so we were on the wrong side again.


Around two o'clock we arrived at the western landing area again, but flying activity was very limited. Only a few aircraft arrived/departed during the day. In the early evening we left Ramstein AB and visited Landstuhl AAF. Here we walked to that same nice spot in the forest again to read the Blackhawks. We saw a total of ten UH-60s, both parked inside the hangar and outside on the ramp. After we left Landstuhl AAF again we made a very quick stop at Ramstein AB again to see whether there was any activity, but it was still very quiet, so we decided to make stop at Coleman Barracks AAF. At twilight we arrived at Coleman where we saw six Blackhawks parked at the ramp. Unfortunately it was impossible to read the dark serials of the UH-60s in these light conditions. After a long ride back home with a very long traffic jam we arrived back home around midnight.


On November 12th, I went to Ramstein AB for the third time this year. Just like the first time I went there together with Mike and Niels. Around nine o'clock in the morning we arrived at the eastern landing area where we positioned ourselves a few meters from the fence. The weather conditions were not what we hoped for as we didn't see the sun at all, but we tried to make the best of it. Throughout the day flying activity wasn't bad, considering it was Veterans Days, which is a national holiday in de U.S. The Polish C-130H was a very nice surprise in the afternoon, but the real highlight of the day was the E-3 Sentry of the U.S. Air Force. After the Sentry departed from Ramstein AB, we decided to leave and drove back home.  (Click here for a full log of these three visits)




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