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Market Garden  Eindhoven 21/22 September 2012

At the end of the Second World War, in the fall of 1944, Allied armies were pretty successful reducing the Germans to the East. Now they wanted to end the war as quickly as possible. For that they devise a dangerous and very daring plan: Operation ‘Market Garden’. Thousands of Allied paratroopers were dropped deep into enemy territory, their goal: conquer and defend all bridges across the great rivers Maas, Waal and Rhine.

Sunday, September 17, 1944 was the day. Thousands of airplanes and gliders with thirty-five thousand paratroopers flew from England to the Netherlands. Overhead the rivers, the paratroopers jumped from planes filled the sky with thousands of parachutes. Above Arnhem gliders were disconnected. The gliders carried soldiers but also jeeps and even canons.


The Germans were completely surprised and without much opposition the paratroopers occupy the first bridges. But the German army did not surrender and began to fight back. German troops   at   Arnhem   appeared   much   stronger   than   expected.

They also know to stop the Allied advance from Belgium, which cost the Allied forces valuable time. The second badge of Allied paratroopers missed their landing spot, and landed right in German territory. Many soldiers were killed and weapons and goods fell into German hands. At that time the situation around Arnhem is getting critical, as the Allied army planned to arrive at Arnhem within two days. After four days the paratroopers are still waiting, but most of them are already dead or wounded.

After nine days of fighting, the situation for the Allies at Arnhem became hopeless. And the main goal: the Rhine bridge at Arnhem, was still in German hands. Operation ‘Market Garden’ failed. During the battle of Arnhem the Allies lost 17.000 soldiers. Most are taken prisoner, or injured, at least 1.500 soldiers were killed. The south of the Netherlands was liberated. But it took months before the rest of the Netherlands was liberated.


The airborne landings are still commemorated every year. On Saturday, September 22, 2012 various planes took part in para drops over the Ginkel Heide to celebrate the 68th Anniversary of Operation ‘Market Garden’. No less than two Dakota’s, two German C-160 Transalls and four C-130 Hercules’ from Belgium, Poland, the UK and the U.S.A. flew two para dorp missions from Eindhoven Airbase that day. (Click here for a log)



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21 September 2012


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22 September 2012





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