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Corpo Forestale dello Stato - Roma-Urbe

The Corpo Forestale dello Stato, founded in 1822, is a police force specialized in the protection of natural heritage and landscape, in the prevention and prosecution of offenses relating to te environment and food. The multiplicity of the tasks of the Corpo Forestale dello Stato has its roots in a history of defending the forests, which has evolved over time to include all activities of agri-environmental resource protection, wildlife and national natural heritage.


The Corpo Forestale dello Stato is responsible for the supervision of park, protected areas and on less than 130 nature reserves of the State, where it does research and conservation projects and environmental education activities. Uncontrolled landfills, illegal spills, groundwater pollution, destruction and defacement of the nature, fires and illegal construction are just some of the phenomena the personnel of the Corpo Forestale has to deal with.


The Corpo Forestale dello Stato has its own fleet of helicopters, operated  by  the  Centro  Operativo  Aereo,  and  coordinates  the

activities during fire fighting together with the Centro Operativo Aereo Unificato of the Dipartimento della Protezione Civile. The Centro Operativo Aereo was established by Ministerial Decree on January 26th 1979, and is based at Roma-Urbe Airport. The COA operates a total of 37 helicopters (twelve NH.500s, eighteen AB.412s, four S-64s and three AW-109Ns) and one aircraft, a Piaggo P.180. The helicopters are stationed at airfields throughout the entire country, and are deployed to strategic locations during period of high risk of forest fires.


With 80 pilots and 120 specialists the COA uses its helicopters for the prevention of forest fires, for direct action on a fire, to transport personnel and equipment, for the coordination of other aircraft and to guide the ground teams. The helicopter unit is also used to support the Corpo Forestale dello Stato in other tasks such as civil protection, public assistance, environmental monitoring and anti-poaching.


During a short visit to the Divisione 4ยช (Reparto Aero-navale) at Roma-Urbe a total of six helicopters were stationed at this small airport in northern Roma. One of the AB.412s just came back from a training flight. One other AB.412 stayed in the hangar, together with two NH.500s and two recently purchased AW-109Ns. A very big thanks goes out to Sebastian, on of the Corpo Forestales AB.412 pilots.   (Click here for a small log)





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