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Aviation Theme Park Aviodrome Lelystad

In 1955 several organizations, including airline KLM and Fokker aircraft factory, founded the "Foundation for the National Aviation Museum" with the goal of establishing a national aviation museum in the Netherlands. In 1960, this goal was provisionally reached with the opening of the Aeroplanorama at Amsterdam-Schiphol Airport. This museum had only seven aircraft in the collection in 1967 and closed its doors because of the growing collection which no longer fit in the museum. In 1971, under the name Aviodome a new museum opened near Amsterdam-Schiphol Airport. The main building was a geodesic dome made of aluminum and was designed by the American Buckminster Fuller. It was then the first geodesic dome in Europe and the largest geodesic dome in the world.


The collection of the Aviodome continued to grow, so over time the dome at Schiphol became too small. In 2003 the museum moved to Lelystad Airport, therefore the name was changed to Aviodrome. The distinctive dome at Amsterdam-Schiphol was dismantled and sold in 2004.  At the current location,  the museum

has three buildings, which through themes looks at the Dutch aviation history: the main building, where most of the aircraft on display and also features a restaurant and movie theater. There is also a fully reconstructed replica of the Amsterdam-Schiphol Airport station building from 1928 and finally a large T2 hangar where the flying collection of Aviodrome is parked. Visitors to the Aviodrome have only limited access to the hangar.

On November 8th, 2011 Aviodrome was forced moratorium and on November 24th filing for bankruptcy. Four days later the museum was declared bankrupt. On December 23rd, 2011 the museum was open to the public for the last time. In recent years the number of visitors increased and the Schiphol Corporation and KLM didn’t want to invest any more money in the museum. On March 23rd, 2012 the official announcement came that the Libéma Group was taking over the museum, and invests a total of 5.4 million euro's in Aviodrome. On April 28th, 2012 the Aviation Theme Park Aviodrome opened again, and attracted 1.025 visitors on the first day.

During a short holiday in the area I visited the Aviation Theme Park Aviodrome Lelystad on June 1oth, 2012 with my family. Below you'll find a series of photo's taken during this visit to give you an impression of the nice collection of the Aviodrome.   (Click here for a log)





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