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Steadfast Noon Exercise  Volkel AB,  30 Sept. 2011

For two weeks Volkel AB hosted several NATO partners to participate in the Steadfast Noon Exercise. The goal of this exercise is to train cross servicing personnel in working with the B61 Tactical Nuclear Weapon. Participating in this years exercise were Tornadoes from Büchel and Ghedi. And F-16s from Kleine Brogel, Aviano and Balikesir. Unfortunately little was know about this exercise and flying activity was marginal.


As I had evening shift at Eindhoven this Friday, I decided to spent the morning at the fence of Volkel AB. Due to the status of the exercise it was not possible to take pictures on base, but it is always nice to stay at the fence with some friends.  


As my camera was still under repair I took Angèls camera with me. I arrived along the fence around nine o'clock and decided to find myself a spot in the take off area, hoping that some of the departing aircraft stay low. Later when all aircraft were airborne I drove to the landing area for some landing shots. I ended on base to read the aircraft parked at the flightline.   (Click here for a log)





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