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BA112 Reims-Champagne - Last time,  7 March 2011

The closure of BA112 Reims-Champagne in the near future was the main reason for visiting this beautiful airbase in Northern France. So on Sunday evening I departed to France together with my good friends Mark Verstraaten and Mike Schoenmaker. Around eight o'clock we made our first stop at Brussels National Airport. At first the ABELAG ramp was completely empty, until a very nice visitor arrived a few minutes later, the USCG C-37A.


We spent the night in a cheap F1 Hotel in Tinqueux, close to Reims. From here we drove the next morning to BA112 Reims-Champagne where we arrived at half past eight. Only half an hour later the first visitors of the day arrived, two French Army Pumas. We were pretty surprised by the next six visitors, which really made our day. A total of six Army Air Corps Apaches arrived for a full stop en route to Southern France for mountain training. During the morning only six Mirage F.1s few, which was a bit disappointing. Luckily we saw some more missions during in the afternoon. at the end of the day we ended up with a total of nine Mirage F.1s and a total of fourteen local missions.


As was forecasted, the weather was really good throughout the day. Nice sunny weather and we really didn't see any cloud all day long. Besides that it was also very windy, so it was pretty cold all day long. We stayed at the same spot (halfway the runway) all day long, until only two Mirages needed to come back. To take some shots of these two we went to the end of the runway. This was a good choice as the light was really great at that moment.


After these last two Mirages taxied in it was already 17.10h so we decided to drive back to the Netherlands. On our way back we again spotted at Brussels but nothing special was noted this time. Around ten o'clock in the evening we arrived back home after driving almost 950 kms. What a great day we had to say good bye to a very nice airbase.     (Click here for a full log)




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