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Operation Unified Protector,  6-8 April 2011

After several protests in other North African countries, calling for democratic elections, the same happened in Libya. The situation began with a series of peaceful protests on February 15th 2011 which Muammar Gaddafi’s security services attempted to repress. Within a week, this uprising had spread across the country and Gaddafi was struggling to retain control. Gaddafi responded with military force. 

Under UN Security Council Resolution 1973 the U.S. and its coalition partners started Operation Odyssey Dawn on March 19th to enforce the weapon embargo and the no-fly zone against Libya. On March 31st the NATO took over command over the operation which is now known as Operation Unified Protector. Besides the standard NATO forces, also some Arab countries, such as Qatar and U.A.E. are participating in the operation.

The deployment of six F-16E/F’s and six Mirage 2000s of the U.A.E. Air Force to Decimomannu AB, is the reason for me visit this airbase in the south of Sardinia.     (Click here for a full log)




6 April 2011



7 April 2011




8 April 2011





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