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NATO Tiger Meet BA103 Cambrai-Epinoy,  16 May 2011

This year the NATO Tiger Meet was held for the last time at BA103 Cambrai-Epinoy. This airfield is one of the victims of the Defense cuts in France and will close its doors in 2012. A total of three spotters days were organized during the two week exercise. As we expected some nice visitors on the Monday after the airshow at a nearby airfield we decided to go this day. The weather forecast for this day was very bad. But when we arrived at Cambrai in the morning we were very happy to see the sun and blue skies. After we entered the base I was able to take two shots with a bit of sun, the rest of the day a thick cloud layer was overhead Cambrai. After we left the clouds disappeared and the sky became clear.


The day itself was great, and the spotters day was very well organized. During the day we saw some very nice departures, like those of the Rafales and the visiting German Eurofighter. The highlight was the insane departure of the French Transall. After the second wave was airborne we left the base to take shots of the landing aircraft from outside the fence. Around five o'clock we left Cambrai for the last time.   (Click here for a log)





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