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Luchtmachtdagen Leeuwarden AB,  15 September 2011

This year the Luchtmachtdagen of the Royal Netherlands Air Force was held at Leeuwarden again. At first I planned to go there on Saturday, but later I decided to visit the spotters day during the arrivals on Thursday. The weather throughout the day was pretty cloudy, with some nice sunny spells in the afternoon. Halfway the day around noon I suddenly had an ERR99 on my camera. I really tried everything but my camera didn't work anymore, as the shutter was broke. Fortunately I had some great friends with me, so Fred gave me his back up Canon EOS 10D. So I was able to take shots of the other arrivals.


The highlights of this years Luchtmachtdagen were certainly the Polish participants, like the Su-22 and MiG-29. One of the highlights of this day was the formation flight of the three display  F-16s. The Belgian, Dutch and Turkish display team made some nice passes. At the end of the spotters day Maurice, Fred and I drove to the flightline on the east side of the airfield to take some shots overhere. From here we drove back home where we arrived at eight o'clock in the evening.   (Click here for a log)





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