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Koksijde Airshow - Arrivals,  5 July 2011

This year the Koksijde Airshow was held on a Wednesday and Thursday. But as the show is always pretty far away from the audience and you have backlight all day long we decided to visit Koksijde on the arrival day.


In the early morning of Tuesday the 5th Mike, Niels and I drove towards Koksijde where we arrived around 7:30h in the morning. As one of the highlights of this years event already arrived a day before, we were hoping for a rehearsal flight of the Saudi Hawks. Unfortunately the Saudi's did their rehearsal already on Monday, so we couldn't take any shots of them.


We found ourselves a nice spot on the west side of the airfield. From here we were able to identify most aircraft that arrived earlier this week.  The flying activity started with the rehearsal of the Turkish Stars but the sun was not in the best position. Later that morning we were able to take some very nice shots of the arrivals. Unfortunately we had to leave this nice spot in the landing area as they changed runway, due to the wind.


On the other side of the airfield we found another good spot to take shots of the landing aircraft. First the Swiss Hornet gave an impressive display, followed by the rehearsal of the Thunderbirds. As we already saw three full displays of the Thunderbirds last month at Izmir-Çigli we weren't really happy to see them fly. We were hoping for some highlights to arrive before we had to leave, and an hour of Thunderbirds action wasn't helping us with that. Despite that we were extremely happy to see the Estonian An-2 arrive just seconds before we had to leave. This aircraft was really the highlight on this year Koksijde Airshow.    (Click here for a log)



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