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KNVOL Base Visit 21.BLot ƚwidwin,  6 May 2011

This year the Region Noord-Brabant / Noord Limburg of the KNVOL celebrates its 45th anniversary. To celebrate this together with its member the KNVOL organized a bus trip to 21.Baza Lotnicza Świdwin in Western Poland. On Thursday evening around seven o'clock the bus with 42 participants left for a 950 kms ride to Poland.


After a long journey we arrived at the gate of 21.BLot Świdwin. The passport check was just a formality and around nine o'clock we entered the base. We started with a very short briefing by our guide Captain Hewelt at the tradition room. Here we learned that flying activity was planned from 15:30h. Our guides didn't exactly know what to show in the meantime so we helped them a little. Just show us as much Fitters as possible!!


In front of the tradition room four aircraft are preserved. So after our short briefing these jets were the first aircraft we photographed. When everyone had the shots they wanted we drove to the flightline.


Suddenly we saw a Fitter overhead the airfield coming in for some approaches. The bus was parked close to the runway so we were able to take some shots of this jet. During landing we were even allowed to walk closer to the runway. After the Fitter landed we drove towards the flightline to take some shots of the jet that just landed and a very smart looking Mi-2 which was parked there.


When we were about to witness the briefing about the airbase some of us asked whether it was possible to watch the few stored Fitters parked behind the flightline. This was no problem at all! The aircraft parked here are in temporary storage as they will be upgraded and fly again in the future. Close to the storage area we saw a hangar with five Fitters inside. Maurice and I managed to read four of them.


After the briefing about the 1st Tacital Air Brigade and 21.Baza Lotnicza Świdwin by Captain Hewelt the bus drove to Hotelik Świdwin for our lunch. Two hours later the bus picked us up again a we drove towards the flightline to take shots of the Fitters during the pre-flight checks. As we didn't how many Fitters were scheduled for the late afternoon missions we were pretty surprised to see a total of 13 Fitters parked at the flightline. Later a fourteenth arrived wearing a nice Tiger color scheme. This jet used to fly for 6.ELT, the Polish Tiger squadron.


We really had a great time at the flightline and we got all the time we needed to take shots of these nice birds. Around 15:20h the bus brought us to the nice spot along the runway to take shots of the flying activity. Unfortunately the didn't all fly, but we were able to take awesome shots of five Fitters departing, and three arriving. Our base tour ended at six o'clock. After again a very long journey home we arrived back in Eindhoven at twelve hours later.


A very big thanks for this awesome day goes out to the KNVOL, Mike Schoenmaker, Niels Hoogenboom, Base Commander Colonel Starzynski, Major Lorenc and Captain Hewelt.     (Click here for a full log)




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